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Our Mission is to illuminate the relationship between fashion, art, and object, by illustrating how these elements relate to one another as a synthesized expression of a holistic philosophy.

The lifestyle the gallery represents proposes a consciousness of owning precious things that last long beyond that of a fleeting trend, preferring quality over quantity. The curated fashion, art and objects presented are meant to be appreciated for a lifetime. While all substances age and degrade over time, Gallery Aesthete celebrates this by carrying pieces which represent the beauty of that aesthetic.

The Chicago storefront’s interior architecture is a masterful expression of brutalism. Precise attention has been paid to the raw material, form, lighting, and composition of space in relation to the objects within the gallery. Guests should expect to be transported into a reverent sanctuary of material, fashion and art.

Gallery Aesthete is committed to providing an immersive experience to our community of clients, artists and designers. Here, we invite you to explore with us as we unveil new products, announce collaborations and special events, provide critical analysis of fashion and related context, and continually investigate the intersection of fashion and fine art through the collective search for meaning, identity, and purpose.